Privateer Life is a website dedicated to helping privateers and amateur racers in pursuit of their MX/SX dream (Please keep reading as we support all types of motorcycle competition). The journey to racing in a Supercross Night Show or under the unforgiving sun of the Outdoor Motocross Series is a huge financial undertaking and one that extinguishes many of those dreams well before their time. Privateer Life’s number one goal and focus is to help the life’s blood of our sport, the Privateer, by minimizing that financial burden with the direct support of the fans. It can be something as simple as bringing a bag of ice out to the track during a National, to putting a racer up for a night in a spare bedroom or couch so they can save money on hotels, to letting a racer do a load of laundry so they don’t have to find a laundromat while driving through the middle of the country, a practice track to ride, an RV dump, a place to fill up a trailer with water, etc. Although the original idea came from the traditional MX/SX background, this site is here to support any type of motorcycle competition from hare scrambles, enduros, flat track, trials, road racing, etc. So how can you help you might ask? The first step is to sign up as a supporter or if you’re an aspiring pro or amateur racer please sign up as a racer to start making your life as a Privateer easier on yourself. Please visit the FAQ link to answer a lot of the typical questions you may have and learn more about the many ways you can be an even bigger part of the sport we all can’t get enough of! Please also support our sponsors that support us because without them this website would not exist.